The Hunt For SNES Mini

I’m sure no preamble is required. You know why you are here. A little plastic box that says Nintendo and plays games you probably already own. Given the explosive release of the NES Mini, I expected the launch of the SNES Mini to be chaos. I expected it to rival, if not surpass the hype and excitement of its predecessor. Especially considering the fact that only 15 people (estimated number) actually got the NES mini. I assumed that fact alone would drive people into madness.

I took off work determined to camp outside, ensuring I acquired the elusive mini system. I planed to get there around midnight.

For the launch of the NES Mini people got there around midnight and started actually lining up around 1am. I figured this would be no different.


Then the news came out that they were making FAR more of the systems this time around. Then the info that the NES mini was getting re-released. It seemed pointless to me at this point to camp out. It seemed we would all be able to get the elusive system(s). In time. Instead of my elaborate camping scheme, I was simply going to wait and let fate decide.

Last night, all I did was debate to myself. Should I go? Shouldn’t I? What time should I go? Tonight at 12? In the morning?

In end I decided to go in the morning. Once I actually got up I second guessed the decision. Should I spend all this time on a what if? In the end , I decided to give it a shot. I had stuff to do this morning that included a car swap and a trip to the bank. I didn’t actually get to my local Best Buy until 9am. I feared the monster line. I feared being the last person in line and the only one unable to get one. Gritting my teeth and squinting my eyes, I gazed upon the front of the store...

No one was there!

It seems my fears were unfounded. Then I thought, “did I mistake the day?”. “Did they sell out before the store even opened?” I sat in my car, contemplating the what if’s. Twenty minutes later a lady (who was already there waiting) got out of her car and got in line. I decided it was time. As I was getting out of my car another lady got out of hers and the three of us sat there, exchanging pleasantries.


Eventually an employee came out and asked if we had tickets. I could hear all three of our hearts collectively drop into our stomach. “Lemme see if we got any left” the employee said. We waited on tender hooks until he came back with three “tickets”.


Apparently they had been handing out these tickets periodically since 2am. Giving customers the ability to go about and do whatever in the interim. We lucky three got the last ones (and subsequently became the first three people to actually buy one and walk out of the store).

The emotional roller coaster of waiting and uncertainty, coupled with an acute ability to assume the worst led to one of the happiest, unexpected occurrences of the year.


Thank you Nintendo!

I’ll be back for the N64 mini! :-)

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